Sep 7, 2011

Steam Trade Update!


One of the things than the Steam Comunnity was waiting for was the Steam Trade Service, the service was in BETA phase until yesterday, and now the service in fully functional, giving the chance for the players to trade items between games, "how?", well, in some games, the item inventory is stored into the Steam Cloud so you can access to yours items everywhere, and Steam having the list of your items, they had the AWESOME idea to make items between games tradables. ALSO, you can trade your extra copies of the game for items, like an extra Counter Strike or some other game. In my case, I have an extra copy of every Half Life, because i first buy the Half Life Complete, and later buy the Valve Complete Pack.

My personal experience: yesterday I was playing Spiral Knigts (a MMORPG) and I was looking for a specific item, the Angelic Coat, so I started to offers my Team Fortress 2 weapons, and some guy was looking for a Jarate (an item in Team Fortress 2), so we make friends, traded, and done! I have my new coat and he had his new Jarate, everybody happy!

Here's the Official News from Steam:

Now you can trade Steam Gifts and in-game items from Valve games Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2, as well as from Spiral Knights, the cooperative adventure from Three Rings and Sega. We’re working with other developers to incorporate Trading and Invetories into their games, so keep an eye out for future announcements in the coming months

Your Steam Community profile now has an item Inventory, and you'll be able to view the Inventories of every public profile in the Steam Community.
Click over to the Steam Trading FAQ for more information, and get trading!

I think this image is cute!
Actually, the games supported are Team Fortress 2, Spiral Knights and Portal 2, comming soon are Left 4 Dead 2, Borderlands and Global Agenda. We hope the system works, and all games become tradable!

Sep 2, 2011

Videogame Review: Audiosurf

Today I'm gonna review one of my favourites games in the last time: Audiosurf.

Audiosurf is a casual game powered by your OWN music. That's right, you can use ANY song you have in MP3 format. This game has won several awards, like the Annual Independenced Game Festival (IGF) and some "choices" of a lot of review pages.

The games was created by Invisible Handlebar, an independient company, and published in Steamn the February 15,2008. 

What is this game?
In Audiosurf, you are a little space-kart traveling in your choosed song. First of all, when you select the song, the game generate a random track based in the song's bass, drums, time, echo, volumen and melody. If the song is quiet, slow or calm, the track gonna be slow and going upwards, but, if the track is quick, have a hard bassline or drums, the song gonna be all the way down. I rather prefer that.

Ways to play:

You have 3 dificults and 14 characters, some of they are harder versions. For examle, with "Mono" character, you only travel for the song avoiding gray blocks and collecting colred block, the same for "Pro Mono" and "Ninja Mono", but every one of them is harder than the other.

Here's an example of the gameplay with Ninja Mono:


 This game is simple, elegant, and with a lot of special effects who made this a masterpiece.
So, why you haven't bought it alredy? BUY IT NOW!
It worths the $9.99

Note: for those who was asking what is my template, I used the "Travel" template and then personalized it. The fonts than I'm using are "TF2 Build" and "TF2 Secondary", avaibles for free in