Aug 31, 2011

Temporaly Top 5 of Vidya Songs.

What? No Mod Today? No Problem! We have a lot of time for share mods! Today I'm gonna make a Top-5 of my favourites songs in videogames! Well, I have a lot, but this 5 are what are playing in my mind this last time. Why? Because they're great! So, here we go!


5 Place: 
Reach for the stars - CashCash
from Sonic Colors (Wii)

This song is so energic! Probably my second favourite in Sonic Songs (after Live & Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 and before Wrapped in Black form Sonic Rush)


4th Place
Positive Force (PC - Mac)

This Indie videogame show me how you can get something great with a few recurses. 
Who needs 3D when you have fun?

3rd Place
Let Mom Sleep (no sleep remix) - Jill
Remix for Jet Set Radio Future (X-Box)

I don't played this game a lot (because i don't own a X-box), but the first time I heard this song, i instantly falled in love with it, it's so... funky! I don't know, but this song makes me happy!

2nd Place
Look Pimpin' - Sick YG
from Madworld (Wii)

One of the best hack & slash games I've ever played. The graphic style, the music, the bosses, everything was "almost" perfect!

1st Place
You will be perfect - Apperture Science Psychoacoustics
From Portal 2

This song is crazy, it's like you feel the pressure when you are listening it.
Probably because GLaDOS want to kill me or something...

Well, this are my recently top-5 of songs. This songs are my opinion, obiously, but you can enjoy it too. Also, take this:
Bonus Track
Mmmph the way you mmph - Force-a-nem Feat. Pyro
(I love the way you Lie - Eminem Feat. Rhyana)

This cover makes me laugh a lot, one of the best cover I ever heard!
Listen it please! You gonna enjoy it!

That's all folks! Just keep visiting my blog and posting! See ya!


  1. My all-time best game music is from BioShock.

  2. Sometimes soundtracks from games are better then original songs. Love it

  3. It's a really nice top 5 of videogame soundtracks

  4. The only game OSTs I ever listened to are from Mass Effect (both) and Diablo. Oh, and the indie game Synaesthete.

  5. I love Portal, thanks for the song. Awesome.

  6. Nice, LOOK AT THIS

  7. Nice top 5. There is some really good video game music out there.

  8. I really like your layout. Where did you find it?

  9. Awww the beautiful games music. I remembered some nice times playing sonic

  10. Hahaha i laugh with the last song

  11. Nice to see some MadWorld in there.

  12. I absolutly love this layout

  13. kinda liked the sonic one a bit more